Hors D’oeuvres

The most popular among our clients, the hors d'oeuvres menu gives you a wide variety of food items from which to choose. The vast selection and generous portions offer something for everyone so no guest leaves your party hungry. The array of finger foods is deliciously breathtaking while allowing your guests the leisure to interact with each other.

Order Hors D'oeuvres


Grilled Pork Tenderloin

Sausage and Pepper Bites

Brown Sugar Ham

Roast Beef

Filet of Beef

Marinated Flank Steak

Leg of Lamb

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites

Stuffed Chicken Breast

Skewed Chicken with Honey Mustard or Peanut Sauce

Chicken or Steak Fajita Station

Roasted Turkey


Marinated Jumbo Shrimp

Boiled Jumbo Shrimp with Cocktail Sauce

Shrimp and Grits

Bacon Wrapped Scallops

Seared Scallops with Lemon Aioli

Tuna Tartar with Crackers

Tuna Tartar Kebabs

Fried Oysters

Oyster Shots

Bloody Mary Oyster Shots

Smoked Salmon Spread on Endive Spears

Smoked Salmon Lollipops

Smoked Salmon Canapés

Smoked Salmon Platter

Smoked Salmon on Cucumber Rounds

Crab Cakes with Chipotle Sauce or Caper Butter


Pecan Cheese in Pineapple Shells with Crackers

Caramel Brie with Apples

Puff Pastry Brie with Raspberry Sauce

Blue Cheese with Figs, Pears and Crackers

Assortment of Cheese Wedges and Fruit

Sliced Cheeses and Crackers

Marinated Cheese with Crackers

Assortment of Cubed Cheeses and Crackers

Cold Hors D’oeuvres

Goat Cheese Crostini

Brie and Pear Crostini

Turkey and Swiss Pinwheels

Devilled Eggs (also with Caviar)

Pastrami Pickle Bites

Pate on Apple Slices

Raw Vegetables with Dill-Garlic Dip

Grilled Vegetables

Pimento Dip with Breads, Vegetables or Crackers

Ham or Cheese Wheat Lilies

Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus or Melon

Asparagus with Dill Sauce

Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes and/or Celery

Spinach Dip with Breads

Hummus with Carrots, Celery and Pita

Mexican Dip with Chips

Corn and Black Bean Toss with Chips

Gazpacho Shots

Chicken Salad with Crescents, Crackers or Tartlets

Marinated Button Mushroom

Antipasto Arrangement (for 100 or more)

Antipasto Kebobs

Caprice Kebobs

Tea Sandwiches

Mini Vegetable Breads (Pumpkin, Zucchini and Banana-Nut)

Hot Hors D’oeuvres

Crab Dip

Artichoke Dip

Artichoke-Crab Dip

Mini Portabella Mushroom in Port Reduction Sauce

Wild Mushroom Dip with Crackers or Tartlets

Stuffed Mushroom (Crab or Vegetables)


Puff Pastry Sausage Bites

Bacon-Cheese Mini Crescents

Grits Bar

Taco Bar

Mashed Potato Bar

Fruits and Desserts

Fruit Trees Arrangements (over 175 guests)

Fresh Fruit with Grand Marnier or Chocolate Dip

Fruit Kebabs

Chocolate Strawberries

Pecan-Chocolate Apple Wedges

Chocolate Grenache Cupcakes

Butter Rum Triangles

Pecan Crust  Cheesecakes

Cheesecake Petit Fours


Mini Pound Cakes

Fruit Tartlets

Red Velvet Squares

Truffles (Chocolate, Oreo, Peanut Butter and Cheesecake)